Driving around certain parts of California, or Scottsdale, AZ– you are certain to see vehicles all around you that are the price of a nice West Valley home.  These vehicles are not only in these wealthy prevalent areas anymore!  It is becoming more and more common for the upper mid-class households to manage their money differently; by this, an example is… instead of buying a 1200 sq. foot, old and weathered house in San Diego for 500K+, they are opting to by a 300K brand new, upgraded home in Surprise or Chandler– both equally nice areas with less expensive real estate.  Now the big dilemma!!!  (JUST KIDDING) Seriously, with spending less on real estate, there is a lot more money for the middle to middle upper class to take advantage of other life decadence items such as high dollar vehicles, ATV, motor homes, boats and more.

All this is absolutely fabulous, and the family enjoys a higher quality of family life, doing things together with such materialistic pleasures.  These items all come with a pretty price tag, and all are under EXTREME RISK OF DANGER.  By danger, danger of premature aging due to scratch marks, door dings, rock chips, windshield pits etc… The mid class to upper mid class is not usually going to just “get rid of…” because it starts to look old because usually there is a loan on the items, as well as they are looking forward to paying off the items.  With that being said, a company in Scottsdale, AZ saw this growing dilemma and took action!  DU— DU— TU —DUUUUUU!   (<—–supposed to be  musical excitement– perhaps epic failure)


15001 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 106

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


What Protect-A-Shield does is precisely what is in the name; they put a shield of protection over any painted surface, window glass, plastic parts in between the door, headlights and MORE!  This protective paint film is commonly referred to as ©Clear Bra.  Matt Hudson, owner of Protect-A-Shield decided to get fully educated in the process of paint protective film before starting his own business.  He became educated in the art of the application, and was actually hired to travel to train shops throughout the United States how to properly and effectively install the Clear Bra.  While there may be other companies who are offering paint protection, or the ©Clear Bra, but you may want to ask that shop questions like what education does the installer have for this?  Also, Hudson keeps the shop at Protect-A-Shield immaculate.  The reason for this goes far beyond just wanting a neat and clean environment; the importance of a clean environment is vital when it comes to installing a clear shield over your paint surface.  In a dusty and dirty shop there is risk of dust, dirt and grime getting trapped under the ©Clear Bra or windshield skin.  Hudson welcomes customers to look at the entire shop, not just the lobby, so much he has a virtual tour right on his homepage.  Hudson, of Protect-A-Shield is completely transparent with 100% customer satisfaction!


Protect what you have worked hard for.  Protect your investment!


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