Today Is National Button Day!

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Nov 16
National Button Day, founded in 1938, is celebrated every year on November 16th. The National Button Society identified button collecting as a legitimate hobby so novice and extreme button collectors observe this day for their enjoyment in saving buttons.   To celebrate National Button Day, make a contest with your family to see who can collect the most buttons! 

I Will Do It Later… (famous last words)

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Nov 14
These words have actually been spoke by Matt Hudson, owner of Protect-A-Shield when his family purchased a new off road type vehicle.  It is so tempting to take out these fun desert toys right away, but if you do not have any type of paint protection film on them, we all know what can happen.  Matt decided to risk it an "do it later", took the new off road vehicle out to the desert, and

100% Customer Satisfaction

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Nov 13
Protect A Shield truly has 100% customer satisfaction; look at our online reviews!  We are an honest company in Scottsdale, AZ that not only provides the best Clear Bra installations, window tint and more, but we deliver the best customer satisfaction.  We appreciate all of our customers! We are a family owned business with one goal, customer satisfaction. With over 3 decades of experience in paint protection and window tint, we are able to deliver

Arizona Climate

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Oct 18
Arizona's climate is very strange, around this time we can even get hail. A lot of people wouldn't think that Arizona would be a place of fire and ice, but we truly get all the best and worst of the climates. So when it comes to having vehicle protection, you can never go wrong with our PPF (Paint Protection Film). Check us out and see what our PPF is all about and what other awesome

Paint Protection

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Oct 17
     Paint Protection is a big part of owning a vehicle. So why not invest a small amount of money into a PPF (Paint Protection Film)? Our PPF is self-healing so there is never a need to replace our film over small scratches or nicks.       We also offer this same technology in a form of a windshield skin. Normally with other windshield skins the film would get scratched up and ruined from the

Protecting Your Vehicle

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Oct 16
Protecting your vehicle is a big deal! A lot of us "baby" our vehicles trying to protect it from the world and all its hazards. Some of us go as far as driving your vehicle very little just to keep down the risk of damaging it. What if we here at, Protect-A-Shield, told you that you would never have to worry about all the small hazards the world has in plan for your vehicle ever again.

Clean Vehicle

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Oct 12
Keeping your vehicles looking nicer for longer is what we do. From the windshield to the paint, we protect it all. Protecting auto paint is one of the biggest things we do. Seeing how it is one of the most damaged areas on a vehicle, we want to offer the superior paint protection. Check us out online and see what our paint protection is all about. 480.874.9300

Check Out Our Tints

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Oct 10
We offer the most up to date, amazing, durable window tint available, we don't use the lower end tint and sell it up to be the best we use the best and let it sell its self. Check out our site under our products section to get the full scoop of our tint.

Protect-A-Shield Is Expanding

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Oct 06
We are expanding and offering more services! Having the best installers for all products we offer is what makes us so amazing. The reason we have a perfect 5-star rating from our clients is that our services are unmatched anywhere else. With amazing customer service, we truly make all our customers happy and feel valued when they come to Protect-A-Shield. We ensure everyone is getting the best and nothing less. Check us out online or

Cleaning Up Your Ride

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Oct 04
When you come to Protect-A-Shield, you are guaranteed the best service and top notch quality unmatched by anyone else in our field. We use only the best material that is backed by our level of quality and workmanship. We have a perfect 5-star rating and 100% customer satisfaction. Check us out and see what is setting us apart from everyone else.

Window Tints And Windshield Protection

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Oct 03
Window tint is an amazing thing allowing you to help keep your vehicle cooler in the summer and help prevent break-ins. We offer a large selection of different films. If you have been following us or do business with us you know we only use top of the line products that are proven and tested to last to give you the best results. Check out our page or give us a call and see how

Horrible Day For America

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Oct 02
What a horrible event that has happened last night in Las Vegas taking and hurting so many people. Our hearts go out to all the family and friends affected by this tragic event. Today is a day we all unite as a nation to mourn those who were lost.

Auto Paint Solutions

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Oct 02
What we have is the perfect solution to your automotive protection. Understanding that some people pay top dollar for custom paint jobs, our product is not just for those who have custom work done but if you have a new car, boat, RV or anything that has paint on it and you want to ensure you get the most life out of it. Leaving no damage upon removal is the biggest key, unlike vinyl wraps

We Are Updating Our Look!

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Sep 30
We started looking at our website and realized we really needed to get a face lift!  We have been so busy protecting Scottsdale's auto paint and windshields that we have just kind of been putting OUR website aside.  We want to accurately show what we do, we want you to be able to browse around our shop online and really try to give you a feel for WHY WE ARE TRULY DIFFERENT. Protect-A-Shield isn't a

Windshield Protection

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Sep 06
We don't advertise this very much, but we do window and windshield protection using the same technology that everyone loves to protect their paint with. Have you ever been driving down the road and a rock came flying and cracked your windshield? It is bound to happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Our film will protect your windshield from the common minor rocks, bugs, and rain. Check us out and

Glass Protection

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Sep 06
We don't advertise this very much, but we do window and windshield protection using the same technology that everyone loves to protect their paint with. Have you ever been driving down the road and a rock came flying and cracked your windshield? It is bound to happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Our film will protect your windshield from the common minor rocks, bugs, and rain. Check us out and

How Was Your Labor Day?

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Sep 05
We truly care about you and what you want. Share your labor day off with us! We care about our community here at Protect-A-Shield, having a true understanding of our customers wants and needs is what sets us apart from other businesses. If this is your first viewing of our blog, check out our page or give us a call and see what we do and why we have a perfect rating!


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Sep 01
Protect A Shield, we love to make things last and stay pretty keeping that new look for as long as possible. No matter if it's your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or off-road toy we can add our film to it. Giving you protection from everyday wear and tear is what we do. Small scratches have no effect on our film since it is self-healing. Our self-healing technology works at room temperature and usually take

No Matter

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Aug 30
No matter what you drive we can protect it, giving you the ultimate protection from everyday scratches and nicks. These all add up and soon enough your vehicles paint is damaged and has lost the new look. Our film doesn't stop there, offering you protection from UV damage as well. With our product any scratches will self-heal so there would never be any reason to remove or replace the film from small damages that would

Self Healing Film

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Aug 29
Our product is a clear, self-healing against minor scratches or scrubbing marks, UV resistant film truly manufactured to keep your paint protected and lasting years upon years with minimal to no damage. Keep the value of your vehicle, boat, RV, or whatever it is at top value by keeping it as new at the day you got it. Removal is no issue and 100% damage free setting our product aside from all the others. The

Don’t Worry About Scratches

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Aug 25
No need to keep stressing out about scratches anymore if you have our polyurethane clear film. Even in the event of a scratch, our auto protection is self-healing at room temperature, so being in Arizona the film will repair itself even faster. To speed up the process or if in cold environment, you can use a hair dryer or hot sink water by applying it directly to the damaged area. Check out our page and

Protection At It’s Finest

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Aug 24
Always providing the finest service around and the best protection handling windshield and full body protection is what we do. We don't just stop at trucks or cars, we can do it all; boats, RV's, motorcycles, ATV's you name it we can protect it. Check us out or give us a call for a quote.

Great Service Quality Work

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Aug 23
We are a trusted company with 100% satisfied customer feedback. We all have something we want to cherish and keep protected from damage as much as possible and that's what we offer here at Protect-A-Shield. A product that is clear and self-healing to help keep that brand new look. Our product is not indestructible but it protects you from everyday life incidents such as rocks, scratches, and minor dents. At some point, we have all

So Much To Offer

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Aug 22
We have so much to offer with a perfect rating. All our customers have had the utmost satisfaction with our services. Having such advanced technology that seems like something from a SiFi movie, our self-healing film is truly amazing saving your car against minor scratches or scrubbing marks, never needing to repair or replace our polyurethane film. Also protects from UV damage saving your paint from oxidation, fading, and peeling. Check out our site

Sun Is Harsh On Your Eyes And Your Paint

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Aug 21
Today is an amazing day marking a once in a lifetime event if you are lucky, being the last event as this one was in 1918. Be careful to not stare at the sun directly causing serious damage in only 20 seconds, so imagine your paint on your car taking the abuse from the sun every day. Sooner or later your paint will start to fade and peel, we can save your paint and help

Get A Quote

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Aug 18
Getting a quote has been made easy just simply fill in the blank information and click "Get Your Quote" and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and we want to keep it that way, we do all we can to make sure you are happy and can rest easy knowing your vehicle, boat and or toy is protected to keep it looking nice for

We Can Protect It

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Aug 17
No matter the year make or model of your car we can wrap it in our smart clear urethane film, we don't just do cars we can do anything if it has a surface we can protect it from minor scratches and nicks. We don't push anything on our clients or make them feel forced to do anything we have a perfect customer review rating and like to keep it that. Reviews mean a lot

Hard Work Happy Customers

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Aug 16
With plenty of packages to choose from, there is something for everyone and to met everyone's needs is something we aim for.

Protect What You Care For

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Aug 15
Keep your paint/shield safe with a new age clear urethane film keeping you protected from UV damage. Minor nicks/scratches have no effect on the life of our film since it is self-healing in room temperature any minor nicks or scratches will self-level and always keep the brand new look. We have a 5-star rating for a reason contact us and find out why that is and what we can do for you today or your

We Work Hard For You

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Aug 14
Today we work as hard as every other day to make sure everything gets done perfectly and on time. We believe word of mouth is the best advertisement being the reason we work so hard for you the customer. We can add our awesome protection to almost any surface boat, vehicle, Trailer, RV, Motorcycle and Off road toys. Give us a call for a quote or more information to see how we can make the

Perfect Ratings

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Aug 11
When you have perfect rating's means you are doing something extraordinary and above the bar of requirements and that's what we do here at Protect-A-Shield. We strive to make a difference for everyone making life more simple and less stress filled. Making your vehicle look beautiful and shiny with a long lasting result is what we do and we do it with pride. Hard work and good customer service and satisfaction is the world to

Superior Windshield/Paint Protection

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Jun 08
We install only the highest quality paint protection on the market, demanding superior optical clarity, gloss, scratch resistance and longevity.  It is bound to happen to all of us at some point in our lives that your windshield gets a rock blasted at it, and cracks. Our film will protect your windshield from the flying rocks, bugs, and hail. Giving you protection from everyday wear and tear is what we do. Small scratches have no